Alpha, Mission and Prayer

Alpha at St. Peter's

The Alpha Course has been running in Britain for the last thirty years, introducing people to the basics of the Christian Faith. The ten week course is run at St. Peter's Church this autumn term. The course format consists of a meal together with other participants, a DVD, followed by a time for discussion. All questions about 'life the universe and everything' are welcomed, and discussions usually cover the big questions of life, death and what the Christian Faith has to say about living life to the full. We also take a Saturday away together to get to know one another and God better...

Each week the recently filmed Alpha DVDs tackle areas that you might like to know more about: Who is Jesus? Why did he die? How can I be sure of my faith? How do I pray? What about the Bible? What about evil? and more! 

To find out more about the Alpha course and to see trailers of the films visit the Alpha website. 

Do get in touch by email if you would like to join our next course.

Finding Faith online

We have found a really good place to help you start your faith journey... the briefest of outlines of the Christian Faith and the opportunity to begin this life of faith in Christ. Click here for a minute long DVD explanation.

Serving the Community of Wycombe Marsh and Micklefield

Fundays for Wycombe Marsh have been happening ever since Wye Dene development was built as a way to help new residents to get to know each other and the local community. Working with Shalom Church and Marsh Baptist Church, St. Anne's has been providing a Funday at Wright's Meadow Community Centre for local children and their families. All are welcome to join us for entertainment, games, food and bouncy castle fun, all for free every September in Wycombe Marsh. Our  Funday  at Micklefield Community Centre, Centre Approach, Micklefield, was on Saturday 14th April.

                                 Funday 1 Funday 3

                                 Funday 5 Funday 7   


St. Anne's and St. Peter's churches support missions regularly through the year, and others on a one off basis as needs arise.

We continue to support the Wycombe Homeless Connection, find details of this charity here.

We supported Growing Hope, a new charity working with those with additional needs, in 2021. The charity's aim is to provide free therapy and support to the individuals with needs and their family. We raised nearly £600 for them as part of our Christmas giving.


Through term time we join together online - on our facebook page - to say Morning Prayer, 9.00am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. You are welcome to join in. Prayers are posted in the comments section, for inclusion in all our prayers.

For more, see our prayer page, link here.