Growing your faith

Locked down open hearted

Come and See

The Bishop of Oxford is inviting interested learners to explore what faith in Jesus Christ is all about. Who was he? Where did he live? What did he do? Why does it make a difference to our lives today? Join in with others to discuss and learn together, this is for you if you are locked down but open hearted!

Go to the Come and See webpage to join in...


Alpha is great way to explore faith with others over food and discussion. Find the timings of local sessions from the Alpha Facebook page.

Alpha Invitation


Small Groups

One of the best ways to grow in faith is by learning to hear from God. He speaks to us most often and clearly from his 'Word' - the Bible. We also hear from him through those who are on the journey with us. Together we discuss in our small groups what God might be saying and how then we should be living. 

The Bible is God's living and dynamic word to us and from it we learn God's plan for our lives. His design for our lives is to live them to the full, for us to fulfill all the potential God created in us and so to be a blessing to the community and the world around us. The Bible is a useful guide, a map, a series of instructions perhaps, but most of all it is the key book through which God speaks directly to us. It is an ancient book and so getting together with others to learn how to understand what God is saying is really helpful.

Spending time with other members of the church and those who are learning to follow Christ brings the joy of new friendships and, in small groups, a place to share the ups and downs of life. It is a place to get to know other Christians and to learn how to share the love of God together, with each other and with the community and the workplaces that we live in.

Our small groups run on: 

Monday evenings, Gayhurst Road, Micklefield

Wednesday Evenings, Micklefield Road

Friday Mornings at the Vicarage in Micklefield

If you would like to join a small group then email us (see below)

Links to Bible online

If you would like to start reading the Bible click here. You will find many versions. The version most often used in St. Anne's and St. Peter's is 'The New Revised Standard Version ' (The NRSV). Bible Gateway is a great place on line to start reading. They will link you to a bible passage a day if you sign up for the service.

Fellowship events (updated as planned)



Thursday evenings 6.30 -7.45pm  in term time, children from age 5 - 11 meet to learn more about Jesus together. There are always games, craft and stories. Often there are dramas, songs and prayers. There is always the time for friendship, snacks and tuck shop. We hope you will want to find us at 245 Micklefield Road. - Paused during COVID19 lockdown, but please do take a look via our Facebook page as Helen Smith is sharing activities and fun to engage with during this time. Do message her if you'd like to be connected (with your parents permission) to updates about this group.