Ukrainian Services at St. Anne's

Порядок богослужінь на 2024 рік / Ukrainian Mass Calendar

St Anne’s Church, London Road, High Wycombe,

HP11 1ET

Sunday 28th January 2pm

Sunday 25th February 2pm

Sunday 24th March 2pm

Saturday 30th March             2pm

Sunday 28th April Food blessing To be confirmed 2pm

Sunday 26th May 2pm

Sunday 23rd June 2pm

Sunday 28th July 2pm

Sunday 25th August 2pm 

Sunday 22nd September 2pm

Sunday 27th October 2pm 

Sunday 24th November       2pm

Sunday 22nd December 2pm 

Parking address: Wycombe Retail Park, Ryemead Way, High Wycombe HP11 1FY

Church address: St Anne’s Church, 

London Road, High Wycombe, HP11 1ET