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St. Anne's and St. Peter's has a safeguarding officer: Val Charles. Please use the phone number below, or the church email address, leaving a request for her to contact you and your contact details. To read our full Safeguarding policy please click here.

Coronavirus Plan v.1 - Critical Leadership Tasks

Named team:

Rev Wendy Bull 07450 737438

Rev Natalie Worsfold  07867 537604

Church Warden Jennie Howell 07470 797701 

  1. Church Services:

Sunday 8.30am First Sunday in the month - St. Anne's

10.00am, sharing as an online service via Facebook live, in the building at St. Peter's and retrospectively can be watched via a link from the website.

6.00pm - paused during lockdown

Tuesday 9:00am Morning Prayer is now available via Facebook Mon, Tues, Wed & Friday.

Thursdays 7:20am Prayers @ St Peter's: via Zoom at 7:20am anyone who's interested in attending to contact Rev Natalie for details.(updated 18/10/20)

New service sheet to be disseminated on Sundays for use at home, by hand and posted online, relevant for isolation.  Sunday services to be taken by Ministry team unless or until all are unavailable. Church wardens then to decide if the live streamed church should stop or to continue with lay-led Morning prayer, or service cover (highly unlikely to be available).

  1. Newsletter/Website: Newsletter updated online weekly and posted through some doors as part of daily exercise. Website will hold links to weekly service for those who wish to watch retrospectively. Facebook page will be used for all live-streamed events.

  1. Coffee and tea after services: Catering for Let’s Cook. All hospitality is advised to be discontinued. Let’s cook will be discontinued until the crisis is over.

  1. Pastoral visiting: Visiting in person allowable, but only one person a day, also via phone contact with Ministry team leader.

All congregation divided into groups to be kept in touch with by small group leader. Each has five or six members in total. Each group leader to report any changes to Min team contact. If group leader ill, person in italics to take over. All members of church to have a copy of this list.

Coronavirus support and next of kin sheet to be handed out over coming Sundays; details to be kept in the safe at St. Anne’s. All who need support will be thus identified, and method of support determined by Ministry team who will also alert next of kin as appropriate.  

  1. Rota planning: to be done six weeks before the beginning of quarter, to include lead and preach for simplicity, changes to include as many participants as possible as we become more technologically aware. 

  1. Phone contacts to the vicarage: answer phone is now off, message states to phone Carol Bayley re hall hire, Rev Wendy Bull for all other enquiries. Phone numbers included.

  1. PCC: meetings by phone and Zoom and communication by wattsapp, zoom, phone, email and website?

  2. Notice boards outside church: Church wardens to keep updated.

  3. Clergy: to keep aware of own health risks, self isolate as necessary. Withdrawal from ministry due to risk is to be expected.

  4. Teams and Leaders: WB to keep in communication with leaders of various teams about continuation of church groups, and has emailed Carol Bayley with letter for all hall hirers notifying them of compliance with government instructions for lockdown, necessitates ending of hall hire until further government guidance.

  5. Funeral/ wedding/ baptism enquiries. Service cover/ General Enquiries

These will come to the Ministry team unless all fall ill, at which point they will be directed to the Area Dean’s office/ Archdeacon’s office. All funerals will be covered, but only five members of immediate family allowed. Memorial services to be offered. Weddings and baptisms postponed until further government guidance.

See deanery or archdeaconry plan for further help.

Deanery website

To contact Area Dean Rev. Dave Bull :01628 471650

To Contact Archdeacon (Asst.) Rev. Chris Bull 07481 343440

PCC (Parochial Church Council) Minutes

St. Anne's and St. Peter's holds regular meetings with a group of church members and ministry team they together with the incumbent hold the responsibility to promote the mission of God in its parish. Once our meeting minutes have been agreed and signed the most recently approved set will be posted below.