If you would like us to take your family's funeral in church, or at a crematorium or cemetry, and you live in St Anne's and St Peter's Parish  we would be delighted to do so.

What will happen?

1) One of the clergy will ring you and make a time to visit you (usually at your home).

2) We put the kettle on, sit and talk in whatever way you are most comfortable. We talk about the person who has died, about your family, and about what you would like to happen on the day of the funeral. Together we decide the questions about music to sing or listen to, readings, poems, who would like to speak, and if there is anything special you would like to do (eg. place roses). If the service is in church there is more time and freedom. We always try to make every service personal and unique, wherever it is held.

3) If after the visit, you remember new things or change your mind you can always ring us.

4) On the day of the service we will take the service for you in a gentle and compassionate way. We may come and share a drink with you afterwards if you would like that.

5) On the Sundays before and after the funeral we will pray for the person who has died and for you in our 10am Sunday Service.

6) In the days, months and years to come we are still here for you and are not afraid of talking about the reality of death and the feelings of loss.

Sometimes people are afraid to ask for a church service, or else just never think to ask........

 Sometimes people think:

 "The church won't take our funeral because we don't go to church."   That is not true.    If you live in our parish we are here for you and we don't ask questions about church attendance or make you jump through hoops! The local Anglican church is set up to care for every single person who lives in the local street - yes every single person of any faith or none is entitled to have their funeral in church.

"We won't have a church service because we won't be allowed to choose what we want to do."   That is not true. We care that the service you have is exactly right for your family with the music, readings and symbols that are appropriate for your family and the person who has died. You can play CDs, family members can speak, you can choose the readings and poems that you wish or write your own and we will support you in so doing.

"We won't ask for church service because priests are scary and make us feel guilty."   We very much hope that none of the clergy or lay ministers at St Anne's and St Peter's are scary and we definitely don't encourage guilt!

"We won't ask for a church funeral because it will be too expensive."   Actually the total cost including a church service is less than £400 and in the crematorium it is just over £200.


Contact Us:

                       The Rev'd Elaine Carr 07502 140935

                        Mrs. Barbara Prior (Licence Lay Minister) 07753 231242